Pepe nymi is an integrated communications agency offering innovative solutions in advertising, branding, web, social marketing, graphic and motion design. We love what we do.


Italy: +39 02 3658 5054
Usa: +1 917 741 2041





+39 02 36585054


We always wake up on
the right foot and go to sleep with a smile; we dive headfirst into
our dreams and we overcome every obstacle with creativity and competence. Loving our job
is our secret.


Creativity and technical knowledge are our greatest resources.
We constantly keep ourselves updated on the ever-evolving world of design in order to offer our clients the best possible service.


We work with our heads and with our hearts, transforming every project into an original product that reflects both Pepe nymi's and our clients' identity. We also add that little pinch of “Pepe”
to spice up our ideas.


Pepe nymi has had the opportunity to work with marketing and communications professionals from a wide array of companies, and we sincerely thank them for their trust and appreciation.

Our Cities

New York and Milan: two fast-paced cities. They give us the time, and we follow the rhythm, just like dancing.

Our Years of Activity

Thousands of days, millions of minutes, hundreds of projects, each executed with the same effort and fervor to do our best.

The hours in a day

We spend all our time developing and perfecting new projects,
to create our future and our client’s future.

Dreams and Ideas

We work to make dreams and ideas concrete because the goal of every idea is to overcome its limits and become real.



Italy: +39 02 3658 5054
Usa: +1 917 741 2041





+39 02 36585054

Pepe nymi’s doors are open to all: clients, collaborators, creatives, all those who want to share ideas, projects, work, and those who just want to chat over a cup of coffee. Just write us an email, give us a call or stop by the studio.


The city of fashion, of design, of aperitivi and of events. We breath in its air and its quest for novelty.

New York

The city of lights, of buildings that seem to touch the sky. We are inspired by its greatness.