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We love…

What we do and how we do it.
Our strength is in the synergy between us and our clients, hard work and passion, knowing and doing. Here, ideas and results go hand in hand, just as images and words can tell a single story.
Our goal is for every project to end in a “we love it!” from our team
and our clients.

We listen…

To the needs of our clients.
We are always open to dialogue, to the exchange of ideas and to collaboration; and we always keep an ear cocked towards the world to develop new, competitive,
and winning strategies for our clients.

We think…

Of original, innovative products that go beyond today’s trends.
We are professionals and we work together, taking countless ideas and molding them into a unified concept. Our competence and diversity of thought unite us as a team.

We look…

Towards tomorrow, taking with us our various skills. We confront new challenges with a solid foundation. Our experience – past, present and future – motivates us to do our best and to push ourselves just a little bit harder with each passing day.

We create…

Beauty. Books, websites, apps, tv ads, video and much more: it's all part of a mosaic that makes us who we are, and every day we work to make sure that mosaic is curated, creative, original, impactful, efficient. In a word, beautiful.

We travel…

Together with our clients; we explore; we grow. This journey has always been our strong point. We were born between New York and Milan and we are constantly searching the world for new knowledge and affirming that ideas have no boundaries.

We give…

The maximum, always and in every situation. We use every minute (though there never seem to be enough in a day) and transform unexpected snags into advantages. Deadlines don’t scare us! New challenges motivate us work hard and do our best.

Pepe nymi is a group of people, a cluster of thoughts in movement, a confluence of ideas and skills, a creative studio – an ever-evolving project.

Key Words

Responsiveness, trust, skill – these are the core values that have always defined us
and our work.

Millions of neurons

…are set in motion everyday to develop new projects and innovate creative design solutions.